$0 for new booking

Life is uncertain. Currently thanks to Covid-19 😁

Tours valid for $0 deposit as below:

With this, we are offering ZERO-DEPOSIT for any booking for any group tours. Payment will only be collected once the Covid-19 is diminishing and we are cleared to travel safely once more! Amiin!

Setiap kejadian pasti ada hikmahnya. Kadang kadang kita nampak keadaan seperti negatif atau mendung aje tapi di sebaliknya pasti ada sesuatu yang ingin di sampaikan atau di ajar oleh Nya. Mungkin ini peringatan untuk kita, Allahu ‘alam, sesungguhnya Dia yang Maha Berkuasa dan Maha Mengetahui.

“Everything happens in good timing, whether it is good or bad . One of the hardest things to do is to trust Allah swt, to trust that His plan is always greater than what we could imagine for ourselves, to trust that the One who created heavens and the earth, the One who created everything in existence, the One who allows for us to breath and allows our heart to beat will always know what is better for us. Tawakkal or trust in God develops like a photograph in the darkroom. In the darkness of our trials and pain, He develops our faith by creating outcomes of easing mercy overtime through His grace. So keep holding on, keep trusting because He is always there for you. He is protecting you from things you did not even know were around the corner.”

“The power of prayer is that it protects you from the unseen, the power of prayer is not often known by us because we are not aware of the things that could have come to pass had we not been protected by prayer. God blesses us in so many ways that we will never know. We choose to trust Him not because we have some great faith but because we know what He decides for us will always be better for us, because we with our human limitations of understanding the present and complete lack of vision of the future make us unfit to trust in our reasoning over the God who sees perfectly beyond time and space.”

“Our trust in Allah swt is not as much faith based as it is rational, our trusting in Him make sense to us because we know how limited we are, we know how small we are and we know how faulty we are, our deficiencies, our neediness help us to see the greatness in Allah swt.”

(Excerpt from Quranquotesdaily IG)

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